Welcome to Bustin Briars BlackCreek Beagles! Owned and Operated by Shane Yeggy. I raise outstanding Medium to Upper Medium speed BlackCreek bred Beagles. My breeding goals is to Produce hounds that run a Medium to Upper Medium Speed with Consistancy. Also with good Kennel manners, excellent Hunt, Stamina, Line Control, head down fast chop mouths, Close check work and Outstanding Nose, Good Conformation, Plus Brains to gear down when Scenting is poor to Keep the race Consistant! But most Importantly Bustin Briars BlackCreek Beagles prides itself in Producing a straight up the Middle Rabbit Dog that will bring the Rabbit back to the Gun every time. I am Located in Lecoma, Missouri. My dogs get gun hunted over every rabbit season and Ran during the summer so there is no weak links in the dogs! If you would like to buy one of my outstanding dogs or come run with me just feel free to give me a shout.
I Feed my Dog's Joy Dog Foods for Stamina, Endurance, Healthy Minds and Bodies, so they can always Perform to their very best in the Field!